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Facebook lead ads examples

Facebook lead ads seem awesome in theory. But look tricky in practice. It often seems easier to simply stick with the same old landing-page-based campaigns.

Why deviate from the norm when the norm works just fine? Long, complex sales sequences or highly customized forms can tank mobile opt-ins. Facebook lead adsin comparison, provide the best opportunity to increase subpar mobile conversions by shrinking a drawn-out process down into just a few clicks. Because companies of all shapes and sizes marketing all kinds of offers, from simple content downloads to high-ticket sales, are already seeing success with them. Lead ads do exactly as intended: They help you generate more leads with less friction.

Nowhere is that more apparent than with lead magnets and other opt-in offers. Think about how well that long and winding road performs on mobile. They drastically simplify the opt-in process so you can provide your info and receive your offer with a few clicks within seconds.

Image Source. Average Facebook ad conversion rates hover around 9. Mobile placements have significantly less expensive CPCsmaking them perfect for promoting your content-based offers. No punching in the wrong characters with big thumbs. No switching between tabs or windows. Those are actually pretty good compared with averages from Google Ads 3. Focus on your site for a second. You know that reducing should increase conversions.

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Or around the same as most B2B SaaS software. So all new leads will need to be qualified with a series of questions and checkpoints. But it goes from strength to strength on the follow-up confirmation page:. Then, a series of simple two-word, fill-in-the-blank question fields with a select-the-most-appropriate drop down for more complex ones. The carousel ad highlights a series of features that set their automobiles apart from the commoditized competition.

A thing of beauty. Getting information to offer a quote or customized pricing is usually a pain. Every B2B marketer worth their salt knows about the power of webinars for lead gen. Running a webinar is easy. Getting enough people to actually show up in the first place. Depending on your CPC, that might be a few thousand bucks without ever sitting down to create a single slide.A big part of why so many businesses rely on Facebook advertising is the potential to boost new customer acquisition.

You might choose the wrong campaign objective, placement, budget, or you might even fall victim to more subtle mistakes that result in poor ad performance and wasted money. Discover the most common mistakes marketers make and how to fix them so that your Facebook lead generation ads get the results you expect! Since the people clicking on your ads are the ones most interested in your product, ask them a few questions when they click on your ads.

Facebook lead ads let you include a lead generation form — also called an instant form — in your campaign for people to quickly share basic information with you. Instant forms are especially useful on mobile where people spend an average of four hours a day on their phones.

To increase the number of completed forms, Facebook automatically pre-fills parts of your instant form based on information users have already shared on Facebook — like their name, email address, and phone number. With this objective, your goal is to target people who are in the consideration stage of the customer journey. This ensures that your lead ads are seen by the people most likely to buy.

Plus, you attract more leads who are curious about your solution for their specific pain point. Next, specify your ad set. You can also use Lookalike Audiences that match the types of people already visiting your Facebook page.

facebook lead ads examples

Leave placements set at Automatic to let Facebook decide where your ads are best optimized:. Finallyset your ad budget :. The final step in creating your lead ad is to set your ad design. This is where you choose what format your ad will use carousel, single image, single video, and slideshowchoose your images, and enter your ad copy. Before you publish your ad and instant form, there are a few best practices to keep in mind to make sure your ad gets the engagement — likes, clicks, and shares — you want.

People like getting free stuff, so use it as a way to introduce your product or service to your audience. People who use your free product have started a relationship with your brand, which can be a tipping factor in deciding what product to pay for down the line. The best leads are qualified leads. These are the people most likely to buy something. To find these people, use your instant form to ask qualifying questions. One way to do this is to connect with a lead through a survey with a contact information form.

This will give you valuable information about your leads that can help you nurture them. They are linking through to a survey about their shop. This means that they are only going to get high-quality leads from people who are actively interested in their Cape Town store. Plus, surveys are customizable and an easy addition to any website, making them a fit for any lead generation strategy. With lead ads, you can use video to attract your audience and encourage them to click on the CTA.

Users only watch about a third of the way through Facebook videosso build up anticipation in your video and place the CTA early on.

facebook lead ads examples

Instant forms offer a lot of features to make customer experience easy.Think somewhere between a science fair volcano and brewing your own beer that actually tastes good.

All you need to know is what works and then, figure out how to create a similar formula for your business and product. They know that one of the big struggles of their customer avatar is an overwhelming number of emails. The text and image on the ad slides in from the side which draws attention towards the ad, since the movement is opposite the scrolling motion. Using customer testimonials, use cases, or customer stories are all great ways to show how your product can be used and increases the chances someone else will want to buy and use it.

Here they are advertising online how businesses can customize the trucks with their own brand images. People are naturally drawn to percentages, since they convey information quickly and simply. This ad is also great because it has a CTA button that is prominent, which increase the likelihood people will click on the ad.

Not revealing what the prizes are builds curiosity and suspense for the ad viewer, which encourages them to click and enter the giveaway.

Ads like this are great for retargeting past buyers, because it reminds them of the benefits of purchasing, and entices them with new products. This ad is hitting on a customer realization in the hopes that people would identify with the statement and realize they need the service. Google is running ads for their different products. It starts with people sipping wine and clearly not liking it. Then, after using the service, they are happily drinking wine they do like together.

With no mention of features, the ad copy taps into the ethos of who the product is made for, allowing the user to feel elevated by the brand. What Makes This Ad Great: This ad does a great job of answering the 1 question a business owner has when trying to figure out if they would benefit from a specific software tool like Asana —what does it look like?

In this ad, Asana gives viewers a look at the interface, showing them exactly what to expect from Asana. Then, they show 3 straightening myths, showcasing their expertise and improving their authority to the viewer. This helps the viewer start to trust Candid, as the see them as knowledgable in the teeth straightening space.

And what do we know about making yourself an authority in your space? It leads to conversions. Like ButcherBox, we can assume these are the specific requirements the Daily Harvest customer avatar is looking for in their weekly fruit and vegetable shopping. Dyper knows that to draw people in, they need to show them their offer and give them the benefit of their diapers over others—which is exactly what they did in this ad.

Instead of hoping a customer figures out how clean their protein is, Four Sigmatic is yelling it from the Facebook Ad rooftops.

facebook lead ads examples

What Makes This Ad Great: HelloFresh is using a necessary digital marketing strategy to get more people to sign up for their meal subscription service—social proof. While most ads are trying to get conversions, this ad is just showcasing how Instagram is fighting one of their biggest problems, and so marketing themselves as a safe platform to use.

As much as they possibly can about email marketing.Facebook ads are a science and an art. Looking at Facebook ads examples is one of the best ways to learn how to create your own. It also gets the creative juices flowing and help you come up with your own original ideas.

facebook lead ads examples

Posting on your Facebook business page is no longer a guarantee that your followers will see your posts. Check them to see how other brands are advertising on Facebookor click on the one you are planning to use and read our tips to create your own great Facebook advert. Then read our more detailed guide to advertising on Facebook to learn about audience targeting, best practices, specs, and more. Facebook has been banking on mobile video, and with good reason.

Research shows that people associate mobile videos with positive emotions. That makes video ads a great way to build brand awareness through storytelling. Carousel ads showcase between two and ten images or videos that people can swipe through. This format is ideal if you have multiple products, features, or different points you want to advertise.

The low-cost, lightweight format is an excellent way to catch attention with customers in low-bandwidth environments. A lead ad uses an image, video, or carousel, followed by a CTA that leads to a form where businesses can collect a variety of information from interested users. Bookmark this page and check it often! AdEspresso list of Facebook Ads Examples to inspire you will be continuously updated! Download now. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest.

As organic reach declinesknowing how to create effective Facebook ads is more important than ever. Find out what works for other brands before creating your own.

Browse this collection of some of the best Facebook ads to get started. In just 21 words, Airtable describes its major value proposition a platform for designing flexible editorial workflows and engages viewers with a question. Eye-catching image. This friendly, sleepy dog has nothing to do with the software for sale, but it makes me curious. I might even click on it.

Effective landing page.We love Facebook ads because of their ease of use, vast targeting options, and simply because they generate the most leads and sales for our business. We were even MORE excited when they started rolling out this new ad type to advertisers last week.

Not sure if you have access to Facebook lead ads? Which is a shame, because forms are pretty useful things. Simply put… Lead ads allow advertisers to collect information from prospects directly from mobile ads.

All within the Facebook platform. Notice that we took some of the sales bullets from the landing page and simply used them as part of the ad copy. On the same page, below the download, we also make a low dollar offer to try and convert the lead into a buyer.

Keep in mind — they are not automatically redirected to your site after they submit their contact information, so make sure you are delivering whatever you promised via email, too. The goal of our first test was to see which campaign objective generated the lowest cost per lead. We used the same exact ad copy, creative, placement mobile and targeting for both campaigns — the only difference being the campaign objective. We optimized for a freshly installed pixel for the website conversions campaign in case any data collected on the pixel would affect the campaign.

The goal of our second test was to see which campaign objective generated the lowest cost per lead. When talking to our Facebook Partner Manager, I made sure to give him specific feedback about the ads and changes that should be made to provide a better experience for advertisers… here are a few things to keep in mind:.

This causes very low ROI on funnels that begin with a lead gen ad. Learn more about becoming a lab member here. So, this forces us to constantly export CSV files of contact information. After a few tweaks and further development of this ad type, I have no doubt they will revolutionize the platform.

Not a DM Lab Member? Learn more here. Molly Pittman is a leading digital marketing strategist, educator, and entrepreneur who has trained more than 10, people across the globe. By the age of 24, she had risen from being an intern to a vice president at an 8-figure digital marketing company.

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She serves as the co-host of the Perpetual Traffic podcastwhich has been downloaded more than 4 million times. Her forthcoming book, Click Happywill be published in early October 15, By Molly Pittman Share What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Not to mention, there are form field options available in the categories of… Work information Automotive Education ecommerce B2B Professional services Health insurance Auto insurance Need help Purchase intent and more! Where do you go to actually retrieve the leads you paid for?

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Website Conversion Objective vs. Both campaigns ran for a week. Both ads looked like this: The results… vs. The website conversion campaign generated almost double the amount of leads than the Lead ads campaign.

Both ads looked like this: The results… Vs. The website conversion campaign generated almost 8x the amount of leads than the Lead ads campaign. The Takeaway? This not only causes confusion on where they should go to redeem whatever they opted in for, it also causes a BIG drop off in your marketing funnel.Facebook Lead Ads are a great way to build high-quality leads from your Facebook audience.

By just tapping few clicks on a lead ad, their details are automatically captured without the need for filling out an form. If you want to know what Facebook Lead Ads are and how they work, here is a simple infographic to help you understand the concept.

This cheat sheet will walk you through the process of understanding the terms, policy and the overall design and specs requirements for Facebook Lead Ads. Facebook Lead Ad Terms and Policy is quite similar to standard Facebook Ads policy in many ways but it differs in the way advertisers collect and use that information.

Understanding Facebook Lead Ads Terms and Policy is important as failure to do so can result in your ad being not approved or worse your Facebook Ads Account getting suspended. As advertisers are collecting name, email and other custom data from lead ads, Facebook has a very strict policy towards the collected lead ads data. Clear and prominent disclosure that if a user submits data to you through a Lead Ad, such data will be governed by the privacy policy.

Using Facebook Lead Ads, advertisers can gather either Facebook based template data or custom data. The template data is what is linked with and is already in Facebook database. Such as Name, Email, Date of Birth, country etc. The custom data is what an advertiser can ask other than the template data. Typically, these are in the form of questions.

However, Facebook Lead Ads also have a policy in place for it, which restricts you to gather some type of data including. So now you know the legal requirements of Facebook Lead Ads, we will now look into the design aspects of lead ads. Standard Lead Ad which has the standard lead ad image, headline and link text followed by the signup form.

The design and specs guidelines for lead ads are the same as regular link ads on Facebook. By default, Facebook requires Lead Ads to have high-quality images. This means your headline and link description must be to the point. It applies to all text that in the logo, slogans, watermarks and other forms of writing text on images.

Besides the actual banner ad, Facebook Lead Ad also enables you to insert an additional page before the signup form. Not only you provide additional marketing message here but you can also customize the text of call to action button on this page. The video design guidelines help you to create an ad that looks good on mobile and desktop devices. You have to ensure that the video and its thumbnail image follows the guidelines below to have the best experience.

How to Use Facebook Lead Ads

The basic specs of video lead ad text and image will remain same as of standard facebook lead ad here. With the Carousel Lead Ad format, advertisers can display up to five images and headlines in a single ad. Carousel Ads are not new but now Facebook has merged them with a signup or learn more lead button.

Lead ads forms are currently available in 29 different languages.

Facebook Lead Ads. How to get more leads fron Facebook Ads

The list of these languages are. When it comes to lead generation, prompt action on signups is essential. You are more likely to convert a lead if you approach them as quickly as possible after signup.

So whenever, your leads signs up either via simple, carousel,video lead ad or context card lead ad on desktop or mobile, you can instantly send them the offer they signed up for. So whenever you create you lead ad campaign you can reference this guide to understand the image, text, call to action and other legal requirements, regardless of the type of Facebook Lead Ad you are creating. How to get your Facebook Lead Ad approved? Such as; Clear and prominent disclosure that if a user submits data to you through a Lead Ad, such data will be governed by the privacy policy.

C — Collect only approved data Using Facebook Lead Ads, advertisers can gather either Facebook based template data or custom data. What are the types of Facebook Lead Ads?

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Leads Ads have 4 basic types currently. Video Lead Ad — A lead ad with video in it too. A — Lead Ad Image The design and specs guidelines for lead ads are the same as regular link ads on Facebook.Marketers saw a plethora of opportunities when Facebook announced about testing lead generating ads. It was like throwing an early Christmas party where Facebook handed over opportunities to garner more emails on a silver plate.

Those who are not aware of all the fuss about Twitter, can peacefully proceed to fuel their excitement for Facebook lead ads. Here your users can signup or subscribe for newsletters, contest, or any such information without having to leave the network.

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If you are looking for an easy and profitable Facebook advertising tool, then login to AdEspresso. Whether you are looking to grow your fan base or create community engagements or may be, sell your product, this tool will make it all seamless for you.

Its like getting your Facebook ad optimised while you sit back and sip on your morning espresso! Simple and effective is what defines Facebook lead ads. This form looks very much similar to those we use in inbound marketing, but the difference here is Facebook does the filling up part. Yes, you heard it right. Your users are signed up or subscribed with you in two taps.

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In two taps your leads are captured, without leaving Facebook. Want to start creating a lead ad form right away? Your custom audiences are absolutely up-to-date in less than a minute as you seamlessly connect your email marketing or CRM tool using AdExpresso.

[Test Results] What You Need to Know About Facebook Lead Ads

While there is no definite guide, there are few components that catalyse the success of your Facebook lead ad. Visual content garners the attention easily and quickly. If your ad image is attractive, your ad is bound to create an engagement. Whatever content you use, your image is the first thing your target lead will lay eyes on.

You cannot create an ad that will not connect with your target audience. If your target leads do not find your ad relevant, your time and effort goes for a complete waste. You can use Relevance Score feature for Facebook ads to keep a check on your ad status. If you say you have the best services, your target audience may just skip your ad.

How to Create Facebook Lead Ad Campaigns That Convert in 2020

Everyone calls themselves best to sell. Your ad may have a great image, right content and is targeted to the right audience. But if there is not Call-to-action button, it becomes a dull ad. Rather it completes your whole process of convincing your leads.

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